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Tours of the Chile's Torres Del Paine and the Patagonia.

Torres Del Paine National Park is one of the jewels of Chile's Patagonia, land of legends, it is particularly attractive to those travelers who want unforgettable experiences in an unspoiled, untouched and uninhabited environment of spectacular views and experiences.

You will find crystal clear lakes, glaciers, icebergs, evergreen forests and hundreds of kilometers of vast, treeless plains under the clear sky of the southernmost tip of the world . Torres del Paine National Park has been a World Biosphere Reserve since 1978. In this area are found the colossal towers and horns of granite known as Cuernos del Paine which have made it world - famous with altitudes of 3,050 metres above sea level .But adventure in Patagonia does not end here. Beyond the Magellan strait is Tierra del Fuego (Land of Fire) in Argentina . The island, full of mysteries and legends, today invites the visitor to enjoy unique scenery and amazing sites for sports fishing, plus the life on the estancias, observing the flora and fauna and sailing. 

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Program Patagonia Flash - torres del paine national park and Glaciers.
Tour Code patc, 4days/3nights

  1. DAY 1:

    Puerto Natales is the gateway to Parque Nacional Torres del Paine, this town is reaping the benefits of its business savvy: boutique beers and wine tastings are overtaking tea time, and gear shops have already replaced the yarn sellers. Puerto Natales biggest point from the view of the tourist is that it is the entrance to the Torres del Paine Chilean National Park, magnificent and complex granite peaks in a microclimate that attract tourists from around the world. Located in the far south, from here you can take one of those famous boat rides to the area's glaciers where you can toast with a scotch on the rocks, with ice over 20,000 years old. The area offers the rugged scenic vistas Chile is known for.

  2. DAY 2:

    The excursion Start around 8 am and the first destiny is the Milodon Cave where in 1895 were found parts of a prehistoric animal known as milodon, so you have to be ready to take your first pictures, nowadays there is a replica of this mamale inside of the cave and also you will find clear information about the geological process formation of the cave. We will continue the tour to Cerro C astillo village to take a rest and to enjoy with the following services: snack bar, groceries, and souvenir shops.

    Then we go straight to the national park to start to watch the first landscapes as laguna Azul due to intense colour it was called so, this lake is located 40 minutes before to arrive to the main entrance to the park “Laguna Amarga” here visitors can take a rest, to watch the area and also keep taking pictures in the same place is possible to watch the Torres del Paine, Cuernos del Paine and Almirante Nieto mountain. Due to the quantity we can observe guanacos, ñandu and condor, also it is important to mention that in the park foxes, hares, chincol and the pumas as well known as “ Leon de America” exist. Inside of the park we are going to see the Pehoe and Nordenskjold lakes and its predominant turquoise blue colour, waterfalls, glaciers covering mountains.

    We will walk 15 minutes to get in the “Salto Grande” waterfall Then we are going to enjoy our lunch. Subsequently, we will continue and we will drive you to the Grey Glacier where you could observe entirely it and you can walk by the riverside and return to Puerto Natales by the same road or well to take the new route to Puerto natales and finally we will drop you off back at your selected hotel.

  3. DAY 3:

    The Balmaceda and Serrano Glaciers are located inside Bernardo O’Higgins National Park, which is located 31 miles to the Northwest of Puerto Natales and it is part of the Andean mountain range. Visiting the park is the meaning of a wonderful place, untouched by humans. Its access is only by boat, sailing through the Ultima Esperanza Fiord.
    Its name is owed for being the “Last hope” to find the Strait of Magellan in 1557, for a expedition that came from the Pacific Ocean.The trip begins in puerto natales and on the way can be seen the building that belonged to “Frigorifico Bories”, which was one of the largest meat packing plants in Patagonia, also can be seen a little colony of Cormorants and a little colony of Sea lions. The flora is dominated by different species of beech trees, Calafate, Chilco and Canelo among others.The Balmaceda glacier can be seen from the boat, instead to visit the Serrano glacier is necessary to walk for 20 minutes on a path bordering a calving lake originated by the melting of the glacier On the way back a delicious lunch is provided in a typical patagonic estancia a shore ultima esperanza sound.

  4. DAY 4:

    Transfer to the airport of Punta Arenas or Calafate.

Price Per Person from USD 685 - Double Room - Min 2 passengers.

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Program torres del paine national park - Tour Code pata, 4days/3nights

  1. DAY 1:

    Punta Arenas/ Puerto Natales Reception at the airport and transfer to the hotel to board the bus to Puerto Natales. Reception and tranfer to the hotel. Overnight.

  2. DAY 2:

    Full day excursion to Torres del Paine National Park, part of the United Nation's World Biosphere Reserve System. Hike among the lakes, rivers and waterfalls in the shadows of the park's most breathtaking image, those giant granite pillars that are the towers. Overnight inside de park.

  3. DAY 3:

    cruise to Lago Grey ,Later, transfer to the bus terminal to board the bus to Punta Arenas. Overnight.

  4. DAY 3:

    Transfer to the airport of Punta Arenas.

Price Per Person from USD 785 - Double Room - Min 2 passengers.

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Program torres del paine national park W Trekking in the Park - Tour Code pataw, 5days/4nights,Price per Person from USD 445

  1. DAY 1:
    Transfer to Torres del Paine National Park (Regular Bus).
    Regular – Public transportation from Puerto Natales to Torres del Paine National Park (Laguna Amarga Main Entrance), the trip lasts about two and a half hours (112 Km), with a short stop at Cerro Castillo Village.

    At the moment you arrive to Laguna Amarga entrance you will have to acquire your entrance ticket and take the shuttles that will be waiting for you to take you to Las Torres sector where our Refugio is located.Presentation time at the Bus Station: 14.15 PMDeparture: 14:30 PM / Arrival to Laguna Amarga: 16:30 PM Accommodation: Refugio Torre Central.Accommodation: Refugio Torre Central.

  2. DAY 2:
    Trekking to “BASE TORRES” (7 – 8 hours; 13 Km).

    The first hour and a half walking is steep with fantastic views of lake Nordenskjöld and Almirante Nieto Mn (2.670 m.s.n.m), with it’s hanging glacier until you reach Refugio El Chileno to recover energies and leave your luggage. Then carrying just a small back pack, you will continue the trail through a millenary Lenga forest (1 hour) until the base of “the moraine” which challenging ascent (45 min), will take you to one of the most impressive lookouts in the park: “Base of Torres del Paine” where you will have the view of Torre Sur (2,850 m.s.n.m.), Torre Central (2.800 m.s.n.m), Torre Norte (2.600 m.s.n.m) and Cerro Nido de Cóndor.Accommodation: Refugio El Chileno ++ depending on availability it may be changed for Torre Central.
    Difficulty Level: High.

  3. DAY 3:
    Trekking from El Chileno to Los Cuernos Refugio (4 – 5 hours, 11 Km).

    About 30 minutes after leaving Refugio El Chileno you will notice the sign to take the “shortcut” that leads to Refugio Los Cuernos. The trail goes through the Base of Almirante Nieto Mn. – part of the Paine Massif-, with great views to Nordenskjöld lake; from December the flora presents different colours specially the “Ciruelillo or Fire Bush” which take its name from the red colour of its flowers.

    After about 4 – 5 hours you will get to the Base of Los Cuernos where our Refugio is located, considered by many, one of the most charming sites in the whole park, a perfect spot to rest and recover energies for the next day challenging trek: “The French Valley”.Accommodation: Refugio Los Cuernos (we recommend Cabins Los Cuernos, you may check the upgrade rate below).
    Difficulty Level: Medium.

  4. DAY 4:
    Trekking to French Valley (10 – 12 hours, 25.3 Km).

    The first 2 hours are with some ascents and descents and views to Nordenskjöld Lake until “Campamento Italiano”, at this point we recommend you to contact CONAF staff so you can leave your Big Backpack with them and start the next part of the trek with a small day backpack.
    The ascent goes for about 1 hour and a half until French Glacier lookout, where you’ll be able to observe its hanging glacier and opportunities to observe small avalanches. After that the trail continues until “Campamento Británico” and after about 20 minutes you will reach the lookout point considered by many as one of the most overwhelming spots in the Circuit: “Mirador Británico”, where you will admire: “Paine Grande”, “Cerro Hoja”, “Cerro Máscara”, “Cerro Catedral”, “Cerro Aleta de Tiburón”, “Cuerno Norte”, etc.The return is the same way back to “Campamento Italiano”, and then to Pehoé sector.Accommodation: Lodge Paine Grande.
    Difficulty Level: High.

  5. DAY 5:
    Trekking to Grey Glacier (8 – 9 hours, 22 Km).

    Trek to Grey Glacier lookout (roundtrip). The trail goes through the western side of the Paine Massif with views to Grey Lake and Mountains. After 1 hour and a half you will reach the first lookout point, where you may observe Grey Glacier in the distance, then and after 1 and a half / two hours you will get to the Main lookout, in front of the glacier. The return is the same way back until Pehoé Lake to take the Catamaran that crosses Pehoe Lake at 6.30 PM to Pudeto sector, where your bus will be waiting for you to take you back to Puerto Natales (arrival time to Puerto Natales: around 9.30 PM).
    Difficulty Level: Medium.

4 Nights of accommodation in Refugios with sleeping bag or made up bed (depending on availability).** Made Up Bed: sheets+pillow+cover bed. Transportation in Regular/Public Bus from Puerto Natales – Torres del Paine – Puerto Natales. Shuttle from Laguna Amarga main entrance to Las Torres sector. Catamaran Pehoé (Lake crossing from Pehoé sector until Pudeto sector to connect with the regular transportation to Puerto Natales).

Price Per Person from USD 445 - Double Room - Min 2 passengers.

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