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Come dazzle your senses! We invite you to the majestic landscape that is Patagonia Aisen, where the silence is so profound you can almost feel it. Land of incredible contrasts - continental ice bordering luxuriant forest and valleys with warm climates next to others where the cold never ends.

For your convenience, in addition to our Internet reservation and information request form, we have a toll free number to contact our tour professionals to help you select just the right package for you at 1-800-811-8829 Toll free from the USA or Canada. From other countries 1-786-272-9768.

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THE SPIRIT OF PATAGONIA The navigators who discovered the Strait of christened this region "Patagonia" - Land of the 'Patagons' - due to the enormous footprints they found in the snow. They were the tracks of the nomadic hunters who covered their feet with guanaco skins to protect themselves from the cold. Not just anyone can visit Patagonia. This is a wonder-filled region of the world that wants to remains eternally pure. In Patagonia, the landscape is majestic, vast, remote and varied. Here you can feel the silence, something that´s increasingly scarce on this planet of ours. Patagonia is a magical place with areas that are untouched and unknown and others that are full of tradition. We can learn much from the warm and friendly people of this region who invite you to know this land that will dazzle your senses. IT'S PRISTINE NATURE. In contrast to the vast plains of Eastern Patagonia, the Patagonian Andes of Aisén form a mountain range with countless pointed peaks, cliffs, forests, and volcanoes. Its wide, open valleys are abruptly divided by mountain ridges.Great masses of eternal ice alternate with forests full of twisted trunks. Ancient native species form a dense forest that drops from the cliffs to the very edge of the sea. Lengas and cypresses grow on the mountain tops, while the slopes are covered with coigües, tineos and mañíos, whose brightly-colored leaves offer a brilliant autumn show. In Aisén, nature-lovers can enjoy spectacular sunsets, sea-lion colonies, penguins and bird-filled bays or animals such as the king-fisher and Chile's unique deer, the huemul. PATAGONIA CONNECTION invites you to experience the pristine native Chilean Patagonia, this newly discovered dimension of untouched beauty.

TERMAS DE PUYUHUAPI HOTEL & SPA Located in the beautiful Dorita Bay in the Ventisquero Sound, the Termas de Puyuhuapi Hotel & Spa is surrounded by unspoiled nature. Built of native woods, the hotel offers its guests every convenience to guarantee a stay with the maximum comfort. Outside, three hot spring pools at sea level give you the chance to enjoy nature and the starry night. The Hotel is the starting point for exciting Patagonia excursions: Hike through the temperate rain forest, visit Queulat National Park to see the impressive Hanging Glacier or explore its beautiful trails, kayak through island-filled channels, go fishing , or photograph wild life. Fly fishing is something special at Termas de Puyuhuapi Hotel. We now opeate fly fishing programs based on the "catch and release".

THE PATAGONIA EXPRESS CATAMARAN was especially designed and built to operate in the waters of this region offers safe and comfortable transportation for our guests. Its professional crew has vast experience in navigating through the region's fjords. The on-board menu is prepared in the hotel by our own chefs. The ship was built under the demanding requirements of SOLAS International.

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Hotel and Spa Termas de Puyuhuapi

Hotel Guest Room


      • High Season is November 15 to March 18, Low is October 9 to November 12.
      • Hotel and Glacier Cruise PC1. 6days and 5 nights, Thursday departures . Rates* $2,280 High Season, $2,000 Low. Options include, discovering Dorita Bay by Kayak, hiking beautiful Patagonian trails, taking advantage of revitalizing thalassotherapy treatments, or simply disconnecting from the world to recuperate from everyday stress. Guests for this program arrive from Balmaceda over land via a 6-hour trip on the Austral Road. On the fifth day, this program inludes a the trip aboard the Patagonia Express Catamaran to San Rafael Lagoon and on to Puerto Chacabuco for the last night.
      • Hotel and Glacier Cruise PC2. 4 days and 3 nights, Saturday to Tuesday. Rates* $1,760 High Season, $1,540 Low.Our most popular program that combines a 2-day stay at Puyuhuapi with sailing aboard the Patagonia Express Catamaran. The third day is dedicated to a full day excursion to the San Rafael Lagoon where the passengers can get into zodiak boats and approach the icebergs in the bay. In the evening we arrive in Puerto Chacabuco, where we spend our last night. We arrive around 10:00 PM and leave the following morning immediately after breakfast to go by bus to the Balmaceda Airport.
      • Hotel and Glacier Cruise PC3. 4 days and 3 nights, Tuesdays to Saturdays. Rates* $1,760 High Season, $1,540 Low. 
      • Special Group rates are available for groups of 10 or more.
      • Our fly fishing program is based on 8 days/7 nights Monday through Monday, therefore 6 full days of fishing, rate* is US$ 3,200 for each fly fisherman. Season is November to May. Our rate is based on Double Suites and double fly fishermen occupancy, and includes one fly fishing guide and boatmen per two clients, all accommodations/suites and meals, open bar, use of boats for fishing, and unlimited access to the lodge spa, jacuzzi's, and outdoor hot spring pools and well. The program includes ground transportation to fishing spots, as well as all fjord/sea transportation. The program does not include any fly fishing gear -- except the free use of our fly tying equipment -- nor any air transportation, or other ground or sea transportation. Please ask if you need a quote for non-fishing guests rates and other mixed alternatives, as well as non-fishing programs. We will be glad to help you on how to get the most from your visit. 



        *Rates are for a Standard Double, Double Suites, Double Interior, Duplex (4 or 5 pas.), Bungalows (4 to 6 pas.) are also available at other rates. Prices are in USD and may vary depending on currency exchange fluctuationsdo not include IVA tax for which foreign tourists are exempt.

Hotel and Catamaran

Waterfall from Glacier

Catamaran and Glacier

Skotch and Ice

Hotel Pool

Hotel Lounge

Fisherman with trout

Some Conditions:
  • CHILDREN Children sharing a room with at least one adult are entitled to the following discount rates: 0 - 2 years, free, no seat on catamaran, no bed at hotels. 2 - 4 years, charged 20% of adult fare, no seat on catamaran. 4 - 16 years, charged 50% of adult fare. 
  • RESERVATION AND PAYMENT POLICY Reservations are confirmed with the payment of a 30% deposit. The balance must be paid no later than 30 days prior to departure. Any reservation not so confirmed will be considered invalid and the space may be made available to another passenger. 
  • CHANGES Any changes to confirmed reservations will be subject to availability and must be made no later than 20 days prior to the original departure date. 
  • REFUND POLICY Changes or cancellations must be made in writing or directly in a company office. All refunds include a cancellation fee and will be made according to the following schedule: Up to 46 days prior to departure: 100% refund less US$ 50 per reservation 45 - 30 days prior to departure : 85% refund 29 - 10 days prior to departure : 50% refund 00 - 09 days prior to departure : no refund No refunds are made for unused portions of services provided by the program. 
  • NO SHOW In the event that a passenger is not present at the beginning of the program, the company will assume non-participation for the entire program, the company will assume non-participation for the entire program, and that space may be made available to another passenger. Passengers may join the tour at a point other than the "beginning of the program", providing they do so by their own arrangement and without the right to claim refunds for unused services and portions of the program. 
  • INSURANCE The price of the program includes and individual insurance policy with coverage of up to US$ 20.000 per person should the vessel suffer an accident which is responsible for the accidental death or injury of a passenger while on board. Passengers may wish to purchase additional insurance independently. We do not take any credit cards in our fly fishing programs.