Excursions for the Lake Region of Southern Chile, Reservations and Descriptions

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Excursions for the Lake region of Southern Chile from Latin Trip, including city tours, the best tours at the best prices from people who know Chile best

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  • TEMUCO CITY TOUR Code: ZCO 200 $25 Per Person.

  • Duration: Half day. 
    Frequency: Daily, year round.
    Includes: Private transport (car or minibus),Guide, Entrance fee for museum, Crafts shop. Itinerary: This city tour starts at Temuco's Plaza de Armas, whose centerpiece is a monument to the city's founding fathers. From here, continue to the railway station, the old business district, the Feria Libre, the city's lively produce/craft market (open daily, mornings only), and on into Nielol Hill Park, a thickly forested, historically important, 200-acre protected plot in the middle of Temuco. Climb to the summit of the hill for a grand view of the city and its Cautín River border, then on to La Patagua, the very tree under which the Mapuches ceded their land in 1881 to the Chilean Army. Once outside the park, admire the mansions along Alemania Avenue en route to the La Araucanía Regional Museum, where a complete history of the area's native peoples is presented. Finish the day at the Municipal Market to buy art, confections, and other Mapuche products and specialties.


  • Duration: Full day. 
    Frequency: Daily, year-round.
    Includes: Private transportation (car or minibus),Guide, Crafts shops. 
    Itinerary: Leave Temuco, heading south on the Pan American Highway. Just past the picturesque town of Freire, follow the Allipen and Tolten rivers toward Villarrica volcano, the always-smoldering, snow-capped Andes peak that dominates the landscape. It is also majestically reflected in the lake that shares its name. In the lakeside town of Villarrica, visit a ruca, a traditional thatched-roof Mapuche home, then continue to the other side of the lake and Pucón, a fashionable summer resort and a magnet for the athletically inclined due to the number of outdoor activities rafting, hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, skiing, sailing and swimming, to name a few available here. Tour the main avenues of the city. Note the importance of wood, both in the architecture and in the local crafts (special wood flowers are only made in this area). The trip continues with a ride through the Liucura River valley to the hot springs of Huife. Here, enjoy lunch and a thermal soak (not included). Return late in the afternoon.

  • AN AFTERNOON AT THE HOT SPRINGS Code: ZPC 200 $60 Per Person

  • Duration: Half day. 
    Frequency: Monday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday, from December through March. 
    Includes: Regular transportation, Use of natural pools, Guide. 
    Itinerary: The Lake District is famous not just for lakes but volcanoes as well. Of course, where there are volcanoes, there are thermal pools, or termas, and many such treasures near the city of Pucón can be visited in a leisurely afternoon. Some, like the Termas del Huife near the Liucura River and the Termas de Menetue, are great for much more than a simple soak: These facilities are relatively modern with restaurants and accommodations and other accruements. The excursion includes the visit and use of natural pools at one of the above mentioned hot springs. 

  • CLASSIC PUCON Code:ZPC402. $27 Per Person

  • Duration: Half-day. 
    Frequency: Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, from December through March. 
    Includes: Regular transportation, Guide. 
    Itinerary: Pucon is a charming town tucked in between the lakes, volcanoes and rivers of an exquisite landscape. Get out of town to explore Ojos del Caburgua, or the Eyes of Caburgua, a cluster of several deep blue lagoons fed from underground arteries of nearby Caburga Lake. Proceed to the Liucura River to visit the mysterious volcanic caves, courtesy of the Villarrica Volcano.


  • Duration: Half day. 
    Frequency: Thursday and Saturday, December through March. 
    Includes: Regular transportation, Guide specializing in rafting. 
    Itinerary: The Trancura River begins high in the Andes and flows into Villarrica Lake. Due to the congenial nature of the Trancura graded a class III in terms of difficulty, the river is accessible for all levels, including beginners this is one of the most popular of the many outdoor activities available to visitors to Pucón. Not only that, but riding the river also offers exhilarating views of Villarrica volcano. All raft equipment is provided: helmet, life preserver, windbreaker and, if necessary, a wetsuit. Each raft holds seven to ten passengers and a guide who will call out rafting instructions along the way. 
    Important note: Due to technical reasons, even when this activity is operated in private service for individuals (FITs), services do not work in exclusive, therefore they might be shared with other passengers. 


  • Duration: Full day. Frequency: Monday and Thursday, December through March. 
    Includes: Regular transportation, Guide, Lunch-box 
    Itinerary: Leave Pucón early morning and drive about 18 miles to the Cañi sanctuary, one of the country's first privately protected native forests, full of elegant stands of coigue, lenga, and araucarias, many of which are hundreds of years old. At the stable, which is indiscreetly tucked among these trees, meet the horses, saddle up, and begin the ride. No previous horseback riding experience is necessary as the ascent will be slow and easy. Wind upwards amongst the ancient trees to El Espejo lagoon, the crater of an old volcano. A little further, leave the horses and continue on foot to El Mirador for a splendid view of the many surrounding volcanoes and the valleys below. Return to the lagoon for a leisurely lunch, then, back on the horses, ride across the sendero Pehuenche to another exquisite lagoon, Llancalil, and then an open countryside, a perfect spot to let the horses break into a gallop. Return to the stable, then return sans horses to Pucón.

  • ASCENDING VILLARRICA VOLCANO (2.840 m. / 9.300 ft.) Code: ZPC 301 $60 Per Person

  • Duration: Full day. 
    Frequency: Wednesday and Sunday, December through March. 
    Includes: Regular transportation, Guide, Lunch-box. 
    Itinerary: Early morning, leave hotel and drive toward the snow-capped Villarrica volcano. Although the volcano has erupted repeatedly during the last century, most recently in 1971 and 1984, Villarrica is the scaled more than any other volcano in the south of Chile. Without a doubt, her popularity is due to her grand views, both into the earth (one can peer deep inside her crater) and, of course, beyond (she offers a striking panorama of the entire Lake District). Technically, the ascent is easy, but it is imperative that one be in good physical condition. The entire roundtrip, which covers a distance of about six miles, will take between six and nine hours. All necessary trekking equipment (crampons, ice pick, boots) will be provided. Return to Pucón. - If weather conditions are not favorable (poor visibility, for example, or strong winds), the operator responsible for the reservation has the right to cancel the excursion at any time.

  • VALDIVIA CITY TOUR Code: ZAL 200 $20 Per Person

  • Duration: Half day. 
    Frequency: Daily, year-round.
    Includes: Regular transportation, Guide. 
    Itinerary: This excursion starts on Valdivia's principal avenues, location of the Torreón del Barro and Torreón de los Canelos, both of which were 18th-century Spanish strongholds against the Mapuches. The trip continues along Costanera Avenue, which runs parallel to the Calle-Calle River and leads to the Fluvial Fair, a popular riverside market. Next, study the homes on General Lagos street, an architectural nod to the city's German population. The excursion proceeds to the city's commercial center with its Plaza de la República, cathedral, and municipal building. Cross the Pedro de Valdivia Bridge (over the Valdivia River) to Teja Island, home to the Austral University of Chile, whose main claim to fame is its Botanical Garden, an interesting mix of native and exotic species. Continue to the Historical and Archeological Museum, whose extensive collection documents the history of Valdivia from pre-Columbian times to the present day. Finally, proceed over Las Cruces bridge to the Mirador, a spectacular point overlooking the whole city. Return.


  • Duration: Full day. 
    Frequency: Tuesday and Thursday, from October through April. 
    Includes: Regular transportation, Guide, Lunch-box en route. 
    Itinerary: Head to the coast and Niebla, which has become a popular beach resort during the summer. Here, count the canons (all 18) while visiting the Castillo de Pura y Limpia Concepción de Monfort de Lemus, a fort constructed in 1671 and named for the Peruvian count of Lemus. Continue to Los Molinos, a small cove on the edge of the Corral Bay. Arrive at Oncol Park, a unique reserve for lingues, olivillos, ulmos, tineos, coigues, mañios and canelos, among other trees native to the region. Relax and enjoy a picnic lunch at the summit of the hill, a peaceful sanctuary overlooking the city of Valdivia. Finally, visit Cervecería Kunstmann to learn all about the old-fashioned brewery and the traditions of the German immigrants who settled here. Return to Valdivia.

  • THE RIVER ROUTE OF THE GALLEONS Code: ZAL 301 $50 Per Person, Lunch Included

  • Duration: Half day. 
    Frequency: Daily, year-round (PM). 
    Includes: Regular transportation, Guide, Lunch and snack en route, Cruise. 
    Itinerary: Head to Valdivia's dock for a cruise down the Valdivia River. Lining the riverbanks are old mansions, built by the German settlers, as well as remnants of buildings and homes destroyed in the landscape-altering earthquake of 1960. Cruise to Huapi Island, which features an interesting patch of native trees. Enjoy lunch here, then continue to Corral Bay, whose center is punctuated by dainty Mancera Island. Anchor at the island and visit the chapel, the ruins of what was once the governor's home, and San Pedro de Alcántara Castle, which is a stone masterpiece of a castle (complete with arsenal of cannons stoically pointing out to the ocean) built in the 17th century by the Spaniards. Finally, arrive at the cove of Corral and proceed to the Castillo de Corral, scene of the last battle to liberate Valdivia from Spanish rule. Enjoy the pleasant ride back up the river to Valdivia.

  • THE CRUCES RIVER, A SANCTUARY FOR BIRDS Code: ZAL 303 $48 Per Person, Lunch Included

  • Duration: Half day. 
    Frequency: Sunday, from October through April. 
    Includes: Regular transportation, Guide, Navigation during excursion, Lunch. 
    Itinerary: Board Colic, a boat constructed in 1907 in Dresden, Germany, at the Caiman de Ulna, Valdivia's dock, and cruise down the Cau-Cau River, which flows into the Cruces River. In 1960, a violent earthquake and tidal wave transformed the region by flooding and transforming the entire landmass that extended into the Cruce and Chorocamayo rivers into many tiny islands and lagoons: a bird haven. Now more than 60 kinds of water fowl have settled here, where a plethora of water plants provide both protection and food. Look for black-necked swans, African herons, Cuca herons, swamp ravens, taguas, hualas, and eagles, to name a few. The tour proceeds to San Luis de Alba de Cruces, a stronghold (accessible only by a foot bridge) built by the Spaniards during the 17th century. Return Valdivia.


  • Duration: Half day. 
    Frequency: Daily, year-round.
    Includes: Regular transportation, Guide, Crafts shops. 
    Itinerary: Begin in Puerto Varas, the charming 19th-century port town settled by German colonists. To get the lay of the land, ascend Phillipi Hill, which overlooks the bay and the city. The hill is also covered with intriguing native trees. Return to town and tour its principal streets and avenues, which boast painstakingly maintained lawns and gardens. Take in yet another bird's-eye view from Calvario Hill, then head out of town on Costanera Avenue, which skims the edge of big, beautiful Llanquihue Lake in constant view of the equally big and beautiful Osorno volcano. Arrive at Puerto Montt, the capital of the region, and enjoy a complete narrated tour of the city. Highlights include a visit to the picturesque Angelmó cove, which has served as an inspiration for artists and intellectuals over the years and now houses an esteemed market, which features, besides fish and seafood, local arts and crafts. From here, get a closer look at the bay and its old shipyards at two summer resorts: Pelluco and Chinquihue, the latter of which borders the Tenglo Channel. Return. (The trip may be reversed if one is staying in Puerto Montt.)

  • THE SETTLERS' ROUTE Code: PMC 221 $35 Per Person

  • Duration: Half day. 
    Frequency: Daily, year-round.
    Includes: Regular transportation, Guide, Lagoon cruise. 
    Itinerary: The excursion starts on the road that once connected Llanquihue Lake to the Pacific Ocean. Note the houses and farms along the way: study the simple but sturdy architecture; and imagine how the settlers went about transforming wild forest into fields. At the town of Alerce, the road turns toward Calbuco volcano. Take a stroll through the forest to admire stands of ancient larch trees, then continue riding along the Pescado River to Llanquihue Lake and eventually La Poza lagoon. Here, board a motorboat for a short cruise of the lagoon. Get out and take a walk on Loreley Island, a great spot to observe birds as well as Osorno volcano. Return.


  • Duration: Full day.
    Frequency: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, year-round. 
    Includes: Regular transportation, Guide, Lunch, Entrance fee for national park or protected wilderness area.
    Itinerary: The excursion follows the shore of Llanquihue Lake and proceeds past a series of picturesque points Pescado River, Puerto Arturo, and Los Riscos en route to the village of Ensenada. From here, the route turns inland to the famous Petrohué Falls, a succession of emerald green waterfalls. A gentle walk along the falls allows one a close look at an enormous quantity of water flowing from Todos Los Santos Lake over giant volcanic boulders. Continue on to this jewel of a lake, and settle down for a picnic lunch in view of the Andes and Osorno Volcano, in particular. Afterwards, head toward the volcano. Enter Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park and hike through the ancient coigüe forest to the Green Lagoon and on up the slope of the volcano. At about 3,000 feet, take a short break to observe both the Burbuja crater and the view of Petrohué Valley, the Andes, and Calbuco, the neighboring volcano. Walk another 1,500 feet for a close look at one of the volcano's many glaciers. Return in the afternoon.

  • FRUTILLAR AND PUERTO OCTAY Code: PMC 304 $35 Per Person

  • Duration: Full day. 
    Frequency: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday, year-round.
    Includes: Regular transportation, Guide, Lunch, Entrance fee to Museum. 
    Itinerary: Llanquihue is the first stop on this scenic drive. This city is as famous for its location on the beautiful of the same name as for its stellar reputation in agriculture, dairy, and forestry industries. Continue over the Maullín River, which is how Lake Llanquihue drains into the Pacific Ocean, then follow a back road around the lake towards Frutillar, a charming summer resort bedecked with old German-style homes and spectacular begonia gardens. Visit the Museum of German Colonization, which exhibits important objects and artifacts depicting the lifestyle of these foreign settlers. Lunch in front of the lake in view of Osorno and Puntiagudo volcanoes, then in the afternoon, proceed to Puerto Octay, another port on the lake founded in 1854. The turn-of-the-century architecture in particular here is worth noting. Return.

  • ALERCE ANDINO NATIONAL PARK Code: PMC 313 $65 Per Person Lunch Included

  • Duration: Full day. 
    Frequency: Monday, Wednesday and Friday, year-round. 
    Includes: Regular transportation, Guide, Lunch-box, Entrance fee to national park or protected wilderness area. 
    Itinerary: Take the Austral Highway out of Puerto Montt, noting, along the way, a number of small fishing villages and locals gathering algae, a regional specialty. The ride continues north along the Chamiza River, a territory heavily settled by Germans, as evident by the style of homes along the road to Alerce Andino National Park. Here, in the park is where the hike begins. Stroll through the humid rainforest, home to a variety of native trees, including larches, the youngest of which are about 50 years old. Afterwards, continue inland toward the Sargazos Lagoon, nestled on the Andes range, and another larch forest, this one noted for its 3,000 year-old trees. Relax with a picnic lunch among these living monuments. Return in the afternoon. 

  • CHILOE ISLAND, CAULIN AND ANCUD Code: PMC 302 $50 Per Person

  • Duration: Full day. Frequency: Monday and Saturday, year-round.
    Includes: Regular transportation, Guide, Lunch, Ferry ride, Crafts shops. 
    Itinerary: Board the ferry to Chiloé at Pargua, which sits on the mainland bank of the Chacao Canal. During the cruise, observe a variety of sea birds and playful dolphins, small and friendly they swim right alongside the ferry. Once on the island, continue on country roads to Caulín Bay. Here, be on the lookout for a great diversity of migrant fowl such as black-necked swans, flamingoes, dabbling ducks and other coastal birds. After a lunch of Caulín's signature shellfish and oysters, proceed to the city of Ancud. Take a walk on the streets of downtown and visit the traditional Mercado Municipal, where one can choose from a stunning collection of produce, fish seafood, and Chilote arts and crafts. Return in the afternoon.


  • Duration: Half day. 
    Frequency: Daily, year-round.
    Includes: Private transportation (car or minibus),Guide , Dinner,including wine or beer or some other beverage.
    Itinerary: Leave hotel and head for Martín Pescador, an exclusive refuge for our clients. Here, a number of Chilean hosts and hostesses are waiting, having prepared an array of dishes typical of the region. This is a casual, country-style feast with no shortage of entertaining stories and jokes from some of the locals. If the night is clear, observe the stars of the southern hemisphere (a telescope is available for sharp viewing) or just relax and enjoy a hearty dose of Chile's southern hospitality. Return to the hotel.